The Colorful Language

The Colorful Language workshop is one of the cornerstones to the success that Unified Peoples creates for our customers. The first steps for most people where they obtain renewed insight about themselves, making them able to focus on how they communicate and how their communication is perceived.

A statement as “Now I know why some of my colleagues do not understand me when I communicate with them” is the typical reaction of many managers after having attended this workshop.

The value created in the groups attending this workshop of renewed understanding on how to communicate, will already be noticeable the day after; and increase as time passes by.

Having access to this sort of insight enables both employees and employers to address one another with targeted communication, which has a significant effect on productivity and the reduction of misunderstanding. In addition, learning about driving forces can influence the success of implementing new strategies as well as changing the organization’s direction.

Prior to the workshop all participants conduct a behavioral and motivation profile analysis and receive their results through a two hours feedback session with a Unified People Executive Mentor.

At the first part of the workshop, participants are instructed on how to identify different profiles and taught about their particular characteristics. The second part of the workshops consists in learning how to address one´s communication towards different profiles as well as the value of taking into account individuals driving forces.

Last but not least you will have a joint insight in the team’s colors and drivers.

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