Our philosophy

Unified People are building organisations that thrives because the people are thriving

The mission of Unified People is to change the world to a more insightful tomorrow by making people more conscious about the way they live their lives. We succeed on international scale by enlightening people to discover how much more meaning and true happiness that can be added to life when becoming more reflective and conscious about who we are and how we choose to live our lives.

The challenge for most people and leaders are that they only know WHAT they are but very few know WHO they are. Often the perception is that it is one and same thing. That’s NOT the case! In the future, knowing WHO we are, will be one of the most important insights when we have to navigate in a world of extreme changes. This is one of the insights that makes us more adaptable to change. A skill we will need not only when leading others but also for leading one self. Leadership in the future will be about people leading people instead of roles leading roles. Question is “how do you lead others when you don’t know how to lead yourself”.

We help people, executives and organisations to makes this transformation and prepare them for the future and thereby releasing a major untapped potential.

Our founder, Ulrik Nerloe, wrote the international bestseller book "The life Bridge - Your journey from an unconscious to a conscious life" based on my own journey and personnel process. A book that helps the individual on transforming the mindset and view on life that can help to change the world to a better tomorrow. The insights that we have come to is in our point of view the foundation of the future of leadership. Not only for the corporate world but also for leading us as individuals.

© 2019 by Unified People. Proudly created by Chastina Nees

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