Ulrik Nerløe

Freedom Creator, Int. Bestseller, Keynote speaker, Holistic Leadership Mentor, Energy transformation specialist, Entrepreneur, Board member

Ulrik Nerloe, founder of Unified People, has primarily been recognized by transforming large national and international companies (including Deutsche Bahn, Atlas Copco and the Hilton Hotel Copenhagen) through processes that have created solid foundations for companies' future and success. Ulrik asks both executives and employees: Do you bring your heart when you are at work? And do you notice what kind of energy is lifting you - and what kind of energy is draining you?


Based on special Emotional Intelligence tools, Ulrik and Unified People have transformed businesses and created new, strong cultures through fertile and effective processes under the mantra: One Dream - Guiding Stars - Same path for everyone.

But Ulrik does not just move companies. He also moves people. As a mentor and inspirational speaker, Ulrik helps people to reach the life they dream about. The life that makes sense, the life that makes the individual happier and happier. Nothing less! With a changed mindset and with greater self-awareness, we can move people colossally and reach all our goals. It requires though, for us to become more conscious so we understand the wonderful balance between our lives now and here - and the life dream about.


In 2018, Ulrik published the book THE LIFE BRIDGE, which is based on the balance between present and future. It is a book that inspires, motivates and moves people to new heights. It's a simply understandable book that has proven to be indispensable to many. The book also quickly hit the top of Amazon's bestsellers list, and the readers' readings were unambiguous:


"The Life Bridge" is for anyone who is questioning and evaluating their life, clarifying what they want, and opening up to the idea of connecting their heart, head, energy, and dreams to attract and create what they really want in life. If you are hoping that life holds more for you, that you can have, do, and be more, I recommend this book for encouraging you to ask good questions of yourself and to give you hope that you CAN make your dreams come true. The exercises which are included at the back of the book will provide you with an excellent catalyst for jump-starting your life.”


“Few times, if ever, have I read something that made me think, and reflect over me, myself & I, my life and my choice's, like this book does. I think this could be a book that will change many people's way of thinking, reflecting & choosing their path in life....and therefore change their lives.”


If you want to book Ulrik for an Inspirational Speak, for a mentoring session - or just hear more about what Ulrik and Unified People can do for you and your business, then you can contact Ulrik here.

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