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When the heart creates a strong team spirit
When the heart creates a strong team spirit
Where there is positive energy there is positive results
Future of leadership requires emotional intelligence
From unconscious to conscious communication and co-operation
When insights create  a better renewed outlook
When habits are hindering a positive organizational transformation and change
How to transform your organization into a positive and performing culture
The strategy is dead connect your business with dreams
The life Bridge – Your journey from an unconscious to a conscious life

The world is constantly changing. A process that is in strong acceleration, which every day increases the demand for man's ability to become changeable to future conditions. Researchers in future organizations and management agree that human potential has to play a much greater role, as the future will offer increased artificial intelligence, which takes on most analytical tasks. Tasks which do not require human emotional assessments. This means that we, as humans, need to become even more aware of how we get value out of our emotional intelligence, our intuitive abilities and the ability to bind us together - human to human. In short, we, as humans, need to learn to have the heart in what we do, think and feel.

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