Do you bring your heart to work?


“Do you bring your heart to work?” Is a question that Unified People raises to all people we work with.

We live in a changing world – that for each day that passes just moves faster and faster forward. In this process it is sad to acknowledge that many employees eventually lose themselves. The result of this is that they unconsciously leave their heart at home and go to work exclusively to deliver what is expected from them – and getting paid for it.

The feeling of happiness, sense of responsibility, engagement and energy are absent during the daily work hours; which means a great loss for both the company and it’s results, but certainly also for the individual’s quality of life.

The workshop “Our hear matters” provides insight on the most basic elements of human well-being. Thus encouraging individuals to use their energy to contribute to their own quality of life and by that to the performance of the organization.

“Do you bring your heart to work?  – Our heart matters” can be tailored as requested. We can prepare an inspirational lecture of 60 minutes, as well as a half or full day workshop.

Some participants have said as follows after the workshop “My life will never be the same after this workshop” as well as “ Even though it only was an hour’s lecture, there are surprisingly many things that make more sense than ever before”. There are just a couple of examples of positive feedback from our participants.

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