Cards on the table


The “Cards on the table” workshop is the first step towards a more holistic approach regarding organizational management. The goal of this workshop is to initiate the further development – if not the transformation – of company culture


We often meet organizations with a lack of common objectives and guidelines that are visible for the individual employee. This particular workshop has it’s main focus on suppressing some of the barriers that stand in the way of the organizations success. The simplest challenges can often be the ones doing most damage.

It is not uncommon to find organizations where common goals and directions are lacking. The “Cards on the table workshop focuses on reducing these barriers and encouraging both leaders and employees to look at everyday life with renewed energy and with a different mindset. Which circumstances are we able to alter? – And which conditions are arbitrary? It does not only give participants some new tools to work with, it also provides unique insight into easy pickings that can have a great significance on daily work.  A difference, that would be reflected directly on employees job-satisfaction and therefore also at the final count.

Using the findings obtained from “The Colorful Language”, the “Do you bring your heart to work?” workshop focuses on resolving multiple conflicts that may cause a lack synergy in the organization – aiming to create a strong business strategy in the future.

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